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Steve Mitchell

Hey “Bear Country!”  I started in the radio biz at the tender age of 16 in my hometown of Greensboro, NC, and from there it took me to Asheville, St. Louis (twice), Raleigh, Miami, Los Angeles (twice), San Francisco (twice), and Atlanta where I spent most of radio career.  I first came here in 1975 as PD of 96 Rock, came back in 82 for the Morning Show ‘Mark & Steve’, later I did a year in afternoons on Star 94 before joining WYAY 106.7 as Rhubarb Jones’ co-host’/sidekick, then as Moby’s producer on Kicks.  In 1998 I became PD of WYAY, remaining until 2008.  Since then, I’ve continued hosting the nationally syndicated NASCAR-themed weekly show “Thunder Road”, which I’ve done for 19 years.
I’m also a video producer, voiceover artist, and full-time servant to a German Shepherd, Roxy.  Thanks for listening!
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